Affiliate links are a mess. But, there’s a better way.

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Becoming a destination for shoppers to discover products across the web is the hardest part of today’s e-commerce landscape. There’s a huge opportunity to monetize that relevance by converting shoppers and driving transactions for merchants.

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These destinations are forced to use affiliate links to convert discovery into transactions. And that means relying on leaky legacy systems, inaccurate product data, and broken user experience.

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Violet directly connects to a Merchant’s product catalog, inventory, checkout, and order lifecycle, making it easy to add embedded checkout natively to any destination for seamless conversion and automated payouts.

“Affiliate platforms are quite frankly built on a poor click attribution model business. As a channel you’re paying the deal sites, but those are precisely the people you don't want to be paying. They’re scraping and finding random codes that you as a marketer want to isolate for your best customers.

That broken affiliate model is one problem Violet addresses head on by offering a completely integrated, scrape-less solution.”

Taylor Brandt

Violet Solutions

Embedded checkout

Never lose your audience to a merchant site again. With Violet, all transactions run directly through the discovery channel’s site.

Post-purchase updates

Violet provides updates on every stop of the post-purchase journey. From order and shipping confirmation to returns and exchanges, stay in sync with the complete order lifecycle.

Instant order writeback

When shoppers purchase, it’s written back to the merchant exactly as if it had been purchased directly on the merchant’s site.

Automated Payouts

Violet automates the payment and payout of every merchant instantly, so neither the site nor the merchant wastes time on tedious calculations or invoices.

Curious about how Violet could work for your product?

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